At Samnoble Technical services, our clients are our driving force. We seek to continually break barriers by stretching ourselves to the maximum of intellectual and physical capability, exceeding the expectations of our clients through careful research, applying current engineering trends, and meticulous execution of projects undertaken.
We are committed to delivering tangible outcomes which add value to infrastructures and urban development projects through out Nigeria.

Dedicated Teams

We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals, to personalising their experiences.

Global Know-how

We adopt progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques in our services delivery

True Partners

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving for best.

Focus On Innovation

Our sense of identification simply means we value and promote seamless interaction.

We Making a Positive Impact Across Nigeria.

Samnoble Technical services is committed to providing oil installations/engineering services to the oil and gas sectors, government as well as multinational companies. We have been in existence as a Limited Liability company since 2005, providing top notch technical  engineering services to our esteemed clients.We are a multi-disciplined engineering firm comprising of highly skilled professionals in varied areas of specialization; Civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental engineers, surveyors, and construction inspectors. The substantial experience of our staff presents a company that is highly qualified to accomplish projects varying in size, scope or complexity.

Our mission statement embodies what we stand for, why we exist, how we do what we do and what principles guides our actions.  In one sentence, our mission statement is;

“Providing technical solutions while maintaining the highest standard of industry HSE policies.”

“We provide bespoke technical and engineering services to our clients by applying industry best practices at minimal rates and within budget time.”

“Providing oil installation services to the downstream sector at competitive pricing and within budget time”

As our slogan depicts, we see ourselves as the best there can be in the engineering industry. Therefore our vision statement captures our aspirations for the future;

“To be recognized as the company for the job at all times through proven track record of mind blowing engineering works.”

As a company, we are guided by certain principles that reflects in all our projects.


We execute all projects with all honesty, knowing that at the end of the day, our works speaks for us when we are not there. Therefore, all jobs are executed with the right kind of materials and technical expertise.


At Samnoble Technical Services ltd, shortcuts is never an option.  We go the long haul in ensuring each project is meticulously executed . We are not afraid of challenges, infact, challenges motivates us to exert ourselves, go back to the drawing board if need be, research and brainstorm till we surmount such engineering/technical problem.


The bane of our existence is to make every client happy when we handover projects. With this as a guiding principle, we advise clients on best options when undertaking jobs and a thorough understanding of our client’s needs.


—SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited recognises that Health, Safety, Environment and Welfare is a top priority and forms an integral part of our business activities.

—SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited is therefore committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, visitors, host community and other person(s) who may be affected by our business operations, while maintaining good environmental stewardship for sustainable development.

—SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited will manage and apply our HSE Management System in such a manner that every employee shall be involved and ensure the effective implementation of our HSE principles in order to achieve our goal of ZERO incidents.

—All Managers and Supervisors of SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited have the responsibility to continually improve Health, Safety and Environment awareness among employees to ensure responsible usage of the environment, tools and equipment, and to create a culture where everyone shares the responsibility for the well-being of their fellow workers and the community.

—All employees of SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited have the responsibility to work safely, adhere to established standards and maintain a system of constant consultation and participation to prevent all circumstances which may cause personal injury or ill-health to people, damage to asset, loses to the environment and the Company’s reputation.


—SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited will measure HSE performance, and by setting challenging HSE objectives and targets, strive for continual improvement.

—SAMNOBLE Technical Services Limited will implement this Policy in compliance with applicable Health, Safety and Environmental laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice of our client and all relevant government agencies.

—This policy shall be communicated through appropriate means to all stakeholders and shall be reviewed biennially for its continuous suitability and adequacy.

Rules may be modified or added in order to fit the needs of our clients;

1.No smoking at work place.

2.Horseplay and fighting will not be tolerated in the work place.

  1. Possession of unauthorized firearms, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or unauthorized medically prescribed drugs will not be tolerated in the work place.

4.Before beginning work, notify your supervisor of any permanent or temporary impairment that may reduce your ability to perform in a safe manner.

  1. Use personal protective equipment to protect yourself from potential hazards that cannot be eliminated.
  2. Operate equipment only if you are trained and authorized.

7.Inspect the workstation for potential hazards and ensure that the equipment or vehicle is in safe operating condition before using it.

8.Immediately report any recognized potentially unsafe condition or act to your supervisor.

9.If there is any doubt about the safe work method to be used, consult the supervisor before beginning work.

  1. Immediately report accidents, near misses, and property damage to a supervisor regardless of severity.

11.Supervisors should obtain special safety permits.

  1. Follow recommended work procedures outlined for the job.
  2. Maintain an orderly environment and work procedure. Store all tools and equipment in a designated place. Put scrap and waste material in a designated refuse container.
  3. Report any smoke or unusual odors to your supervisor.
  4. Use proper lifting techniques. For objects exceeding 50 pounds in weight, the immediate supervisor must determine specific methods for safe lifting.

16.Never attempt to catch a falling object.

17.If your work creates a potential slip or trip hazard, correct the hazard immediately or use safety tape to tag the area before leaving it unattended.

18.Fasten restraint belts before starting any motor vehicle.

19.Obey all driver safety instructions.

  1. Comply with all traffic signs, signals, markers, and persons designated to direct traffic.
  2. Know departmental rules regarding first aid, evacuation routes, and fire department notification.

22.Adhere to departmental rules and procedures specific to departmental operations.

23.Assist and co-operate with all safety investigations and inspections and in implementing safety procedures as requested.

Violations of these safety rules will result in staff and artisans disciplinary action, including termination of employment

MUST SHOW EXAMPLE In all circumstance



MUST PUT IN PLACE Work permit/prevention plan

MUST WEAR Adequate personal protective equipment


MUST RESPECT Procedures, rules and instruction

MUST USE Appropriate set of tools in good condition

MUST ALWAYS LEAVE  A clear work area

MUST CARE For the safety of others

ØConstruction of Oil and Gas Stations

ØOil and Gas Installations

ØPiping Works

ØDrainage Works

ØDesign and Build works

ØExtensive Renovations/Aesthetic Refurbishments

ØStructural Steel works

ØRoad Construction, Culverts, and Bridges.

ØOther Technical/Engineering Solutions


He is the Managing director and Chief Executive officer at Samnoble technical Services Limited. An engineer by profession, with double masters degree from reputable institutions, plus over 15 years cognate experience in the engineering/construction industry.

Immediately after graduation from school, Samuel Idowu Ogunleye knew what he wanted as per his career. He founded Samnoble Technical Services Ltd in 2005 and has not looked back since then. By stint of hard work and determination, he has built Samnoble Technical Services into a reputable company within the downstream sector of the economy. Samnoble Technical Services Limited under the management of Samuel Ogunleye has executed numerous technical and high profile jobs in the oil and gas industry; working with multi-national companies such as TOTAL Nig. Plc, Mobil Plc and Forte oil Limited.

He obtained his Bachelor of science degree (B.Sc Civil Engineering) from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna state in ….He then proceeded to Ladoke Akintola University of  Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo state where he bagged a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. His hunger for knowledge and proficiency in his career led him to another Master’s degree in Business Management at the university of Ilorin, where he graduated with distinctions

Samuel Idowu Ogunleye is no doubt a shrewd businessman. He undertakes every project with the same zest, just like he did his very first project. No wonder, Samnoble Technical services limited is today, a major contractor  for TOTAL Nig. Plc.


Our Work Process

Reasearch & Analysis

We carry out our services with professionalism and expertise, and in identifying strongly with their outcome. This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value.

Creative Solutions

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client visibility and brand value. We also look to get the most out of advances in digitalisation.


We specially select teams for every project, to ensure each project gets the attention of the people who have the most relevant technical skills, languages and knowledge.

Project Delivery

The bane of our existence is to make every client happy when we handover projects. We therefore put up a 100% integrity and hardwork which always yield client satisfaction

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.